COVID-19 Wall of Memories is the brainchild of retired project manager Mohammed Nasrullah.

When the United States reached 100,000 deaths from COVID, he began thinking of a way to memorialize them.

He pictured the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. That long, sleek wall of names is powerful in its simplicity, as is its online counterpart. He imagined a wall of photos that scrolled slowly across the computer screen, compelling the viewer to understand the vastness of the epidemic.

Some of the thousands of people on the wall of memories. Every 15 seconds a new set of photos appears.

Mohammed shared his vision with his wife, Ruth, a freelance journalist whose immediate response was “It must have a news page.”

They recruited a…

By Adina Bernstein

A few weeks ago, my best friend from college and her husband came for a visit. They live in upstate New York, near where we went to school. We’ve been friends for nearly 20 years. As much as I appreciate the conversations over social media and text, there is nothing like having a conversation in person. It was a lovely weekend that I will forever treasure.

Then the message popped into the text app on my phone the Tuesday after they returned home. My friend said that she had a fever. I was hoping that it was…

By Melissa Menny

Three months into the COVID-19 pandemic, creeks were clear enough to observe aquatic wildlife, and air pollution declined for the first time since 1995.

In the wake of the lockdown early last year, it seemed nature had a much-needed break from humans. A year later and around 7,200 tons of waste attributed to medical masks can be found daily. The tools we have adopted to fight the virus — sanitizer bottles and gloves — have also become hazardous to the environment.

I sat down to talk with Dr. Neelu Tummala, an ENT Surgeon and Clinical Assistant Professor…

In the second of our Zoom Musings video series, COVID-19 Observer contributor Sam Alix talks with veteran, volunteer and stroke survivor Patrick Purnell about the self-care techniques he has used to recover from the disability the stroke left him with. Sam and Patrick agree that there is something for everyone to learn from mindfulness, agape love, and other topics they talk over in this video, “Self-Care in the Time of COVID.”

Have you visited the Wall of Memories?

Sam Alix is a regular contributor to the Observer and is the co-founder of CHAMP; visit to learn more.

By Yesenia Montenegro

“Hi! I wanted to make sure you know the COVID-19 vaccine is available to everyone who is 12 and up! You can text your zip code to 438829 to find your closest vaccine site. Can I count on you to get vaccinated?”

Throughout June and July, thousands of texts like these were sent out to people across the country, including quite a few sent by attendees at a text banking event I organized on June 19. …

Welcome to the first in our new video series, “Zoom Musings,” featuring Observer writer Sam Alix in conversation with people — especially veterans — whose everyday lives have been impacted by COVID-19.

In this video, Sam Alix, an Air Force veteran, had the opportunity to converse with Josh Truxal, a Navy veteran and spouse of a nurse working with COVID-19 patients daily. Many parallels are shared between trauma experienced in the military and what today’s frontline workers are facing in intensive care units overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients.

Truxal’s wife, Melinda, is an ICU nurse in a Houston hospital that is…

By Melissa Menny

Imagine seeing your one-year-old toddler attempting to fit a mask on his face while playing simply because he sees his parents wearing one every day. Our son is so accustomed to us wearing them that he pulls them down just a little bit to give us a kiss when we are out and puts them back in place. He is not even in the suggested age range to wear them, but sure enough, he is adjusting to a life he has seen since he was a newborn. This makes me wonder; is pandemic life our new normal?

By Josie Jack

“Vacunas contra el COVID-19,” reads the sign outside the vaccine clinic inside the Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church in Baltimore. During the beginning of the vaccine roll-out, hundreds of undocumented Baltimorians visited the clinic each month, looking to protect their health and livelihoods. Now, nonprofit organization Catholic Charities is worried the undocumented Latinx community is not getting vaccinated fast enough, despite an excess of doses.

COVID-19 vaccines are free and available for all people in the United States, regardless of health insurance or citizenship status — but that does not ensure equal access. …

By Adina Bernstein

It has been said that if we ignore the lessons of history, we are doomed to repeat it. In an article in the Washington Post published on June 30, Washington state Rep. Jim Walsh compared the Holocaust to vaccine measures taken by local and state governments. Comparing coronavirus to the holocaust is not just wrong; it is vile — and dangerous.

I am an American Jew. One of the reasons I am here today is that my forebears made the decision to leave Eastern Europe and make a new life in America in the early part of…

By Yesenia Montenegro

For class of 2021 graduate Sinovia Wodaski, senior prom will remain a special memory. After missing many senior year milestones due to the pandemic, Wodaski was voted prom queen, something she had hoped for since she was young.

According to Wodaski, seeing movies like High School Musical, where shy, introverted students were selected for prom court or played a lead role in the school musical, encouraged her to do the same. It also provided some excitement and a feeling of normalcy during the pandemic, she said.

A senior year like no other

For the past two years, high school graduating classes were faced…

COVID-19 Wall of Memories

The website memorializes COVID-19 victims and teaches about the disease and its impact on the US.

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